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At Distinctive we have already helped elevate plenty of teams, brands and businesses from all over the world.

We have consulted for multinational corporations and worked with some of the most famous agencies, but we have also worked hand-in-hand with much smaller companies, including family-run businesses and start-ups, on bespoke project requirements.

“Clients don't buy hours, effort or input. Clients buy results.”

Rob DaCosta

We are celebrating

10 years
in business!

Building on from years of direct industry experience, we've now been delivering projects for pharmaceutical companies for over a decade.

of Our Work

At Distinctive we have had more than our fair share of successes. We have turned some of our best examples into in-depth case studies to demonstrate how we operate, how we help and how we succeed.

Case Study 1

Brand Launch

The Need

With the purchase of a new business division the client acquired a new cancer product, without in-house experience to market it. The product was soon to launch (less than one year) and hadn't the internal expertise or support needed to successfully launch.

The Solution

The company in question looked for external experience in this marketplace and available resource to help them prepare for launch. They brought in Distinctive Contracting to help provide the pre-launch planning and preparations needed to execute effectively and on time.

The Benefit

With an influential position within the Global launch of this product, as well as the delivery of UK launch plans (including Market Access & pricing strategies; business insight; supply; thought leader engagement; marketing and commercialisation) the role Distinctive had played both fast-tracked and supported the company to meet their launch targets as well as establishing the company and product with their customer audience.

Case Study 2

Global MCM
Agency Support

The Need

A large global pharmaceutical company (global top 10) was looking to implement a new multi-channel marketing (MCM) digital programme for their brands. Initially as a pilot across two key launched products, then to learn from and develop further improvements.

The Solution

As a sub-contracted provider, the role of Distinctive Consulting was to provide overall strategic direction to the agency provider, in order to assist them in the development of a global MCM implementation programme.

The Benefit

By delivering a robust strategic and implementation plan, collectively (client - agency partner & ourselves) we were able to design, train and implement an initial approach which was then further cascaded to regional and local levels for implementation.

Case Study 3

Small Business

The Need

As a small family run business, the owners recognised they needed to achieve more in terms of sales and product awareness. There was only so much they could achieve from direct contact selling and aspired to achieve more of their business potential.

The Solution

With the opportunities available to them both, given their lack of experience, the two owners engaged Distinctive Marketing to assist them in structuring their business, developing improvement plans and utilising our available experience to implement marketing for the business.

The Benefit

Through delivery of a cost-effective marketing approach, using social media and other digital activities, the implemented changes resulted in increased sales. The business has since been able to expand.

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We have helped customers build up brilliant brands and empowered agencies to win and deliver bigger, better projects, so whatever your business needs Distinctive can help.

While we are most experienced in the Innovative specialty Pharmaceutical sector, we can (and do) provide client and agency solutions across all industries, on all scales.

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