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A broad range of services to elevate every aspect of your business

From insights and marketing to training and leadership, our suite of services are designed to provide complementary and interconnected support where and when you need it - in order to truly elevate your business performance.

At Distinctive, we’re structured to help your major (and complete) core managed requirements. We work on brand/product, people and patient focused activities, through key divisions. We also have extensive specific functional services expertise which can be deployed through any of our key client activities to support with any major requirement.

Disconnected services may be inefficient and unproductive ways to deliver urgently required work outputs.

By avoiding disparate provision Distinctive services provide a cohesive and comprehensive offering that best meets the needs of businesses. Utilising skilled industry experts, from their respective areas, we provide the greatest impact and return for our clients.

Engage Distinctive to help you execute against your business needs. We aspire to supporting businesses meet their potential.

Distinctive specialises in product launch stages of the lifecycle. This is where we can add most value and where the greatest need is.

Working across these areas through our key business divisions and overlaying our functional services expertise addresses the greatest of client challenges and requirements.

We also know our strengths lie in these service areas so don't get involved with the areas of corporate managed or responsible areas e.g. Pharmacovigilance; Finance; Staffing/Recruitment or Legal.

Functional Services

Working across and throughout the main Distinctive divisions we have a number of functional expertise to support with core essential success aspects. Some or all of these may be required so we make these available to be included, as needed (if client approved).


Often overlooked in terms of importance, we utilise our insights options for competitive advantage

Competitor intelligence, analysis, product profiling

Market understanding: sizing, landscape, research


Medical considerations and application to operational and planning activities

Early clinical audience engagement: Med. Affairs, MSL activity

Strategic partnering coordination

Professional Relations / Stakeholder Management

Identification of influential experts and relationship development/management

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL): Mapping through to leading engagement

Supporting with educational events/media etc.

Market Access

Our access services support both HTA approvals and field access activities

Strategic reimbursement access essentials: Models, Clinical Value, Value Proposition

Operational access: Treatment information, Evidence generation e.g. RWE, Cost effectiveness

Brand Marketing

Best practice (marketing excellence) based commercial marketing, spanning strategy to implementation

Brand diagnosis, strategy and tactical planning

Hands on commercialisation with multi-channel engagement


Supporting all internal & external activities, we can establish key media and PR opportunities

Management of internal communications

Delivery of external engagement/awareness opportunities


Underpinning all our activities are our compliance obligations & high standards. Integrity driven activities

Maintaining respect for codes of conduct and ethical behaviours

Industry code e.g. ABPI/EFPIA signatory provision


As a leading area for content engagement these days, we can provide dedicated digital support

Broad channel usage and optimised selection

Highly effective content ROI

Content Production

When time efficiency is of the essence, rapid and accurate content development/production is critical

Artwork, design and adjustments/alterations

Media production/ utilisation (film & audio)

Meetings & Events

Critical to broader awareness, we can support with meeting arrangements and delivery

HCP educational events: remote or in-person, recorded or live

Conference and team events such as group training

People improvement through skills, capabilities, belief and knowledge improvement are a key aspect of success.

Starting with a successful brand/product launch is critical towards achieving potential. Let us assist your launch.

Overall healthcare has to focus on the patient, and carers to ensure the greatest benefit. We deliver work to assist here.

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